[hibernate-dev] Help with first patch

Juraci Paixao Krohling jcosta at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 09:16:02 EDT 2009

Em 17-06-2009 14:53, Nikolas Everett escreveu:
> Are these expected errors, then?

Not really. Expected failures have its method name ending in 
FailureExpected, and are marked as "PASS" if they fail. I would say that 
these are the failures which should be addressed, but aren't yet.

> I have another question.  The particular bug I wrote a patch for only
> comes up with MySQL.  Is there some way to test hibernate against

Yes. On Hibernate Core, you can override the appliesTo(Dialect) method 
and return "true" for MySQL-based dialects and false for the others.

> MySQL?  Just out of curiosity, is there a build farm for hibernate that
> covers all of the different databases like Postgres has for operating
> systems at http://buildfarm.postgresql.org/cgi-bin/show_status.pl ?

There is a public Hudson (CI software) instance [1] which should receive 
some attention in the next months. You may want to check the job 
"hibernate-all-trunk" and ignore the others. Also, note that this 
includes most Hibernate projects 
(ANN/EM/Validator/Search/Validator/...), not only Core.

[1] http://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/view/hibernate/

- Juca.

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