[hibernate-dev] Hibernate.org

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Mon Feb 22 19:53:37 EST 2010

After months of sitting in limbo it looks like there may finally be 
movement on getting hibernate.org content moved over to the 
magnolia/clearspace setup.

We need to figure out what all still needs to be done in terms of 
content.  For core (+ annotations/em) I have a good idea of the work 
still to do.  But in terms of search, validator, shards and tools 
(nhibernate?) I have no idea.

This will not happen until next week at the earliest as I have a meet up 
scheduled with the JBoss design team here in Austin to go over LnF, 
navigation, etc later this week.

Like one specific thing I know we have to iron out is navigation and 
side bar content for the various subprojects.  Will the various 
subprojects "be under" hibernate?  The infrastructure is really built so 
that all projects are at the same level.  I think it comes down to how 
much content (pages) we see for each sub project and how y'all want the 
nav and menus to work.  If a unified set of nav and menus along with a 
minimal set of content pages is acceptable then its probably doable to 
just create sub content pages under the main set of hibernate pages.  If 
y'all want something more elaborate or separate nav/menus than we are 
going to have to split these up I think (I'll verify to make sure this 
is still the case).

steve at hibernate.org

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