[hibernate-dev] weird LockTest regression when running with Oracle

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Fri Mar 5 10:12:26 EST 2010

odd.  were you able to fix this by cleaning up db?  We do use some 
triggers as part of other tests; could it maybe be an issue with schema 
export not able to cleanup those tables?  But even there the error is 
strange because we do not commit nor rollback as part of the trigger.

basically i have no clue; this sounds 'off'.

On 03/04/2010 08:14 PM, Scott Marlow wrote:
> I ran org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest and get a weird "ORA-04092:
> cannot COMMIT in a trigger" failure in:
> testLockOptimistic(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testLockWrite(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testLockWriteOnUnversioned(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testLockPessimisticForceIncrement(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testLockOptimisticForceIncrement(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testContendedPessimisticReadLockTimeout(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testContendedPessimisticWriteLockTimeout(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testContendedPessimisticWriteLockNoWait(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> testQueryTimeout(org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest)
> test failures are here http://pastebin.com/F07aBFvm
> Did anyone commit changes that could impact the above tests?  I'm also
> wondering if my oracle test database is hosed somehow (using
> -Poracle11gRAC).
> Thanks for any advice.  This is blocking me from fixing HHH-4972.
> Scott
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