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Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Fri Mar 19 09:09:54 EDT 2010

As I said in the other email and here below as well, my preference was 
that each project was its own project as far as magnolia was concerned. 
  The issue there is the domain name to an extent.

Think of it in terms of the author UI:

Or in terms of urls:

The idea being that each is its own project and can define its own 
license(s), jsr(s), product support, downloads, docs, jira, etc.

Then we just "bind" them visually via LnF.

The Clearspace/Collab site is where we do community stuff.

Anyway that was my opinion.  I have recently been told by some ass that 
I cannot design a website though so take it for what its worth :)

On 03/19/2010 04:12 AM, Emmanuel Bernard wrote:
> On 19 mars 2010, at 06:32, Steve Ebersole wrote:
>> Oops, one of my response got cut off...
>>>> Todos? / remarks after seeing the site live:
>>>> - I feel like Core should be a subproject like the other ones, ie have
>>>> a generic welcome page but also a specialized page for core. Otherwise
>>>> it's a bit confusing as we mix the notions of Hibernate the portfolio
>>>> and Hibernate Core the ORM.
>>> IMO that was a mistake we made
>> IMO that was a mistake we made a long time ago.  Its not even
>> "portfolio".  The issue is the difference in the notion of a community
>> and projects.  We have one community and many projects that make up the
>> community.  Like I said in the original email I think there should be:
>> 1) project pages which house the basic info for each project (where do i
>> get docs, download, etc).
>> 2) community site
> Yes but today's situation is like if JBoss AS was the top level project of all jboss.org projects and the jboss.org home page was pointing to AS docs,  AS release infos etc and had subproject links to drools and co.
> In Hibernate there are two categories of projects.
> The ones that gravitate around the core ORM and require it or are useful in its context alone:
>   - (core)
>   - shards
>   - metamodel generator
> The ones that can run without core or an ORM:
>   - search
>   - validator
>   - (bean valiidation)
> And of course there is tools which for some reason is always uncategorizable :)
> Maybe we should differentiate them on the project pages

steve at hibernate.org

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