[hibernate-dev] can't run test case from hibernate-entitymanager module unless specific system property -DJ=true

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Sun Apr 3 16:20:51 EDT 2011

I had the same problem with Idea. In my case the problem was the setup of  
the testing module. There the generated-src directory for
logging was not part of the classpath. Once I fixed that it worked.
It is a shame that the classpath generated by 'gradle idea' needs so much  


On Sun, 03 Apr 2011 12:28:22 +0200, Strong Liu <stliu at hibernate.org> wrote:

> from IDE (idea)
> -----------
> Strong Liu <stliu at hibernate.org>
> http://hibernate.org
> http://github.com/stliu
> On Apr 2, 2011, at 8:42 PM, Steve Ebersole wrote:
>> Is this from command line?  Or in IDE?
>> On Friday, April 01, 2011, at 09:38 pm, Strong Liu wrote:
>>> not sure why...
>>> but I have added the generated-src into classpath, it still throws  
>>> class
>>> not found error (TestLogger_$logger class)
>>> by enabling org.jboss.logging.Messages#GENERATE_PROXIES (-DJ=true) it  
>>> works

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