[hibernate-dev] logging

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Tue Apr 12 15:22:57 EDT 2011

category is what you use to configure logging in the major logging 

No, class name and line number are part of what is called "location 
information" which is usually a formatting option.  But its expensive, 
as it generally means the logging framework creating an Exception and 
looking through its stack trace.

On 04/12/2011 11:24 AM, John Verhaeg wrote:
> What's the implication to the logged message content behind using a class name vs. a subsystem name as a category?  Would it be correct to assume the class name/line number would only appear in the message if you use the class name as a category?  Or is that something more tied to the underlying logging implementation?

Steve Ebersole <steve at hibernate.org>

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