[hibernate-dev] Still true with Javassist? Any final method prevents Hibernate from creating single-ended association proxies

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Jul 8 05:26:26 EDT 2011

If your toString method ends up calling some of the entity state (likely), the initialization won't be triggered since you will call your getters from inside the instance. So it's a good general rule to mandate non final methods on entities.


On 8 juil. 2011, at 09:59, Robin Sander wrote:

> Hi all,
> excuse me if this list isn't indented for such a question, but I asked this question about a year ago in the forums
> without any answers and I think it should be easy to answer for any Hibernate core developer:
> According to Hibernate's (3.6.5) reference documentaion (Section 21.1.3, Single-ended association proxies),
> such a single-ended association proxy can't be constructed by Hibernate if it contains "any final methods".
> My question is, does this restriction apply to getters/setters of persistent fields only or really to any method in an entity class?
> As far as I can see Javassist is able to modify final methods as well and even if it were not, why should a method like
> public final String toString() {
>   return "...";
> }
> prevent Hibernate from using a proxy?
> Thanks in advance,
> Robin.
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