[hibernate-dev] Patch for HHH-6361 / HHH-6349 : Envers loses audit information due to a Hibernate core bug

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Fri Jul 8 11:59:28 EDT 2011

Looks good.  I added a few minor comments.  I'd like to see the Map 
sizing thing addressed and the 4.0 port done, but I have no problems 
with these changes.

On Fri 08 Jul 2011 07:32:25 AM CDT, Adam Warski wrote:
> As Eric wrote this fix is needed to fix an Envers issue (HHH-6349), however I don't feel competent to review the patch for hibernate-core.
> So maybe someone else could try? :)
> Thanks,
> Adam
> On Jul 4, 2011, at 3:20 PM, Scheper, Erik-Berndt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like someone to review my proposed fix of HHH-6361 (https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-core/pull/117) for the 3.6 branch.
>>>  From a Hibernate core perspective, this may seem like a minor issue, but it is the cause of HHH-6349, where Envers forever loses the audit information when objects were added to or removed from a collection. Since there is no way to retrieve this information from the database at a later moment, this is really bad from the Envers (auditing) perspective.
>> The proposed fix causes both the provided testcase for HHH-6361 (the Hibernate core issue) and the testcase for HHH-6349 (the Envers issue) to pass by ensuring that after a merge() operation the snapshot value of the collection, as obtained by collectionEntry.getSnapshot(), corresponds with the database contents. This is a good thing, of course.
>> However, apart from the possible performance implication (though I'm not sure if there's a remedy for this), I am a bit worried about the fact that I had to fix a unit test in the Hibernate testsuite (org.hibernate.test.manytomanyassociationclass.compositeid.ManyToManyAssociationClassCompositeIdTest) to make the 3.6 build succeed. As a rule, that's a bad sign.
>> What happens is that after the patch this test crashes with an NPE in the hashCode() method of MembershipWithCompositeId.Id class. The reason of the NPE is that MembershipWithCompositeId now has a non-null "Id" property, with a null value of the userId and groupId properties. Even though it was easy to fix the test by overriding the deleteMembership()-method in ManyToManyAssociationClassCompositeIdTest by setting the "Id" property of MembershipWithCompositeId to null, this doesn't feel good to me.
>> I'd really like to see a fix for HHH-6361 without these changes in ManyToManyAssociationClassCompositeIdTest, but I couldn't find one. Any help there would be appreciated of course.
>> After an initial review, I'd be more than happy to provide a fix for the Hibernate 4.0.x series, which is also plagued by the same bug.
>> Regards,
>> Erik-Berndt
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