[hibernate-dev] [Search] Future of branch 3.4.x

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Sat Jul 16 11:57:12 EDT 2011

Are we going to release a 3.4.1 version of Hibernate Search at some point?
There are some community members asking if there is any plan, and if
there's an expected timeframe.

There where some issues with the new features in 3.4.0, the most
urgent ones where quickly reported and fixed since that people is
using 3.5.0 snapshots.

Some other fixes in the faceting are are still to be done, but I
remember Hardy mentioning they should be easy.. ideally we could merge
these too, iff there's such an intention.

I had created a 3.4.x branch only recently from the 3.4.0 release tag:
this means it's not containing all of the fixes which are in master.


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