[hibernate-dev] Loggers and categories

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu Apr 17 12:05:23 EDT 2014

Wanted to revisit something that's been bothering me ever since we moved to
JBoss Logging : the definition of loggers.

While I think we have always understood that there are really 2 different
audiences for log messages, I think I have come to have a more clear
understanding of what that means and its implications.

We have log messages intended for usage scenarios and log messages intended
for debugging scenarios.  To me, the first groups is represented by the
JBoss Logging MessageLogger messages.  The second group are the things we
simply "pass through" to the underlying log backend (trace, debug messages).

In both cases we currently use the name of the Class initiating the log
message as the "category name".  While I think that is absolutely the
correct thing to do in the case of that second group, what about the first
group?  For that first group I wonder if its better to have "logical
category names" more like 'org.hibernate.orm.deprecations' and
'org.hibernate.orm.mapping'...  The idea being that its easier to switch
these grouped categories on/off.

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