[hibernate-dev] Quoting JPA specs

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu Jan 7 07:23:06 EST 2016

Our quoting clearly falls under "fair use"[1][2][3].  Please do not remove
those quotes

Out of curiosity you bring up the JPA spec but not our quotes from Patterns
of Enterprise Application Architecture.  I find that fascinating.  Why?

[1] http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/uscode/17/1/107
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 5:20 AM Gunnar Morling <gunnar at hibernate.org> wrote:

> >> For what it's worth, I quote quite regularly from the Bean Validation
> spec
> >> when answering Validator/Bean Validation questions. As long as you make
> clear
> >> where it is coming from, I don't see a problem here.
> >
> > That and Bean Validation is actually ASL :)
> And we are the copyright holders ;)
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