[hibernate-dev] Multi-tenancy test helpers

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon Oct 3 17:15:28 EDT 2016

Hi all,
in Hibernate Search we have a test helper to setup Hibernate ORM with
multi-tenancy and export the schema's we need for testing.

It looks like:
 - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hibernate/hibernate-search/d29f560c89e60dd288fa142aa1a6b6a357354ef1/orm/src/test/java/org/hibernate/search/test/util/MultitenancyTestHelper.java

The problem is I used Hibernate ORM's internals, and this little
helper keeps breaking.

Could we have such an utility provided by ORM?

Also wondering if "test helpers" such as this one could be useful to
end users; it would be nice to publish such helpers and maintain their
API as stable as any other API.

For example now to have Hibernate Search switch from ORM 5.2.1 to
5.2.2 it requires code changes - luckily just on tests! - but it still
bothers me as it means we can't automatically test a version X of
Search towards a full-range of micro releases of ORM 5.2.x.


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