[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search: new 5.7 branch, dual streams development!

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Wed Oct 5 18:20:12 EDT 2016

I've promoted my "ORM 5.2 upgrade preview" pull request as upstream
branch "5.7",
just after having it rebased on the freshly baked tag: 5.6.0.Beta3

This implies we have now two active streams of development for
Hibernate Search (!);
we still have just one mission: finish 5.6 and its Elasticsearch support.

We'll have to occasionally forward-port patches from 5.6 to 5.7; I
propose to keep the work focused on 5.6 and intentionally ignore 5.7:
then when the next 5.6.0.CR1 release happens one volunteer takes the
full range of commits 5.6.0.Beta3-5.6.0.CR1 and applies it as a single
block on 5.7.

On branch 5.7 we'll exclusively apply patches to keep up with ORM upgrades.

Hopefully there won't be too many conflicts: please keep this all in
mind when tempted by some "cleanup refactoring". We'll have fun later

For those wondering why: finishing 5.6 was taking more than expected,
and many users need an Hibernate Search version compatible with ORM
5.2.0+ (while version 5.6 was aiming at ORM 5.1.x and we can't leave
those users without any compatible version can we?).

As soon as the Elasticsearch integration is satisfactory we'll return
to more healthy time-window sprints and consequentially regular,
periodic releases.

Next step: finalize the simultaneous release of versions:
 - 5.6.0.Beta3
 - 5.7.0.Alpha1
 - 5.5.5.Final


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