[hibernate-dev] Behaviour of validation mode "auto" in case of error during validator factory bootstrap

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 1 05:33:02 EST 2017


JPA defines for validation mode "auto" that bean validation must occur
if a BV provider is present and that no validation shall occur

What should happen though if a BV provider such as HV is present but
it fails to bootstrap? In case of HV this happens if no expression
language implementation can be found.

Currently, the user has a very hard time to find out about this, as
this exception essentially is suppressed (for mode "callback" the
exception is raised).

Should we raise a specific exception in HV if it cannot be
bootstrapped? In ORM, we could handle that one specifically and raise
it also if for validation mode "auto" (would have to happen
reflectively, though, as to avoid a hard dependency).

I can do this change but first wanted to make sure that this is inline
with what you all think should be done.



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