[hibernate-dev] Form-feed (\f 0x0C) in generated SQL

Mark Rotteveel mark at lawinegevaar.nl
Tue Feb 7 07:26:33 EST 2017

Any comments, or should I take the lack of answers as approval ;)


On 4-2-2017 15:05, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> Firebird has a problem with some of the SQL generated by Hibernate, in
> some queries Hibernate appends StringHelper.WHITESPACE between
> conditions (specifically in CollectionBinder.bindFilters(boolean)).
> The problem is that StringHelper.WHITESPACE contains a formfeed (\f,
> 0x0C), and Firebird does not accept a formfeed as whitespace.
> It looks like the usage of StringHelper.WHITESPACE is wrong; the other
> places this constant is used is for splitting/tokenizing strings, and
> not for adding whitespace.
> Is there any objection if I replace the usage in
> CollectionBinder.bindFilters(boolean) with a single space (or maybe with
> " \n\t" to produce more similar SQL as previous)?
> Mark

Mark Rotteveel

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