[infinispan-dev] Infinispan 9.0 Final

Tristan Tarrant ttarrant at redhat.com
Fri Mar 31 05:09:26 EDT 2017

Dear all,

we are proud to announce Infinispan 9.0 Final.
This release includes many new features and improvements:

- much improved performance in all scenarios
- off-heap data container, to avoid GC pauses
- Ickle, a new query language based on JP-QL with full-text capabilities
- multi-tenancy with SNI support for the server
- vastly improved cloud and container integrations

Read more about it in our announcement [1]
As usual you can find all the downloads, documentation and community 
links on our website: http://infinispan.org

Enjoy !

The Infinispan Team

[1] http://blog.infinispan.org/2017/03/infinispan-9.html

Tristan Tarrant
Infinispan Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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