[infinispan-dev] Unable to cluster Infinispan ephemeral template instances

Galder Zamarreño galder at redhat.com
Mon Sep 25 07:18:56 EDT 2017

Hmmm, is there a way to say that if you don't pass in namespace, you take the application name as namespace?

> On 25 Sep 2017, at 13:11, Sebastian Laskawiec <slaskawi at redhat.com> wrote:
> Seems like you didn't fill the namespace parameter while creating an app: https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan-openshift-templates/blob/master/templates/infinispan-ephemeral.json#L336
> I already tried to eliminate this parameter (because it seems redundant) but currently there is no way to do it [1]. It s required for Role Binding which enables the Pod to query Kubernetes API and ask about Pods [2].
> You may also try to use the third way:
> oc policy add-role-to-user view system:serviceaccount:<<your namespace>>:<<service account used for Deployment Config>>
> [1] https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan-openshift-templates/pull/9#discussion_r131409849
> [2] https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.0/dev_guide/service_accounts.html
> On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 12:54 PM Galder Zamarreño <galder at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hey Sebastian,
> I've started 2 instances of Infinispan ephemeral [1] and they don't seem to cluster together with the pods showing this message:
> 10:51:12,014 WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.kubernetes.KUBE_PING] (jgroups-4,datagrid-1-187kx) failed getting JSON response from Kubernetes Client[masterUrl=, headers={Authorization=#MASKED:862#}, connectTimeout=5000, readTimeout=30000, operationAttempts=3, operationSleep=1000, streamProvider=org.jgroups.protocols.kubernetes.stream.InsecureStreamProvider at 51522f72] for cluster [cluster], namespace [openshift], labels [application=datagrid]; encountered [java.lang.Exception: 3 attempt(s) with a 1000ms sleep to execute [OpenStream] failed. Last failure was [java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:]]
> These are the options I'm giving to the template:
> oc process infinispan-ephemeral -p \
>   APPLICATION_NAME=datagrid \
>   APPLICATION_USER=developer \
> I'd expect this to work out of the box, or do you need to pass in a management usr/pwd for it to work?
> Cheers,
> [1] https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan-openshift-templates
> --
> Galder Zamarreño
> Infinispan, Red Hat

Galder Zamarreño
Infinispan, Red Hat

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