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Mickael Istria mistria at redhat.com
Mon Sep 3 05:17:48 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I've had several requests on how to increase timeout for tests, here is 
an explanation of how to achieve that:

This property to control timeout is*surefire.timeout* (see 
). You can either set this property in command-line, by adding 
-Dsurefire.timeout=xxxx when invoking Maven, or/in case this timeout is 
more specific to your job than it is to your environment/, by setting 
<properties><surefire.timeout>xxxx</surefile.timeout></properties> in 
your parent pom.
In any case, please don't set this property directly in configuration of 
the tycho-surefire-plugin, it will disable the ability to configure it 
from command-line or properties.

Here is how Maven behaves to resolve this property, and properties in 
1. Maven looks at the command-line to set the surefire.timeout property
2. If not in command-line, Maven looks at the pom for the current module 
to set the surefire.timeout property
3. If not specified in neither comand-line nor module pom, looks in 
parent to set the surefire.timeout property
4. Continue from parent to parent until on specifies a value for the 
5. The tycho-surefire-plugin looks for its forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds 
parameter. If there is a value, sets it to this value, otherwise, sets 
it to the ${surefire.timeout} property. If surefire.timeout is not set, 
tycho-surefilre-plugin uses default (0 = no timeout).

If you job has timeout on Jenkins, but not locally, you should change 
the Jenkins configuration to add a -Dsurefire.timeout=xxxx to Maven 
invocations (please note that each jobs invokes Maven twice: one to 
build, and one to test, so you should change both).
If your project has timeout both locally and or Maven, it's better to 
set first a timeout in the pom.xml of the test which suffers from the 
timeout so it can run locally. Then if necessary, set a bigger value in 

In some cases, your build may be stuck. This will result on a timeout, 
but timeout is the symptom not the issue. This can be the consequence of 
either a bug in one test, either it happens to be a configuration 
problem on CI machines. In case you can't solve that, feel free to open 
a ticket to request help.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat <http://www.jboss.org/tools>
My blog <http://mickaelistria.wordpress.com> - My Tweets 
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