[jbossts-announce] JBoss Transactions 4.17.26.Final released

Tom Jenkinson tom.jenkinson at redhat.com
Wed Dec 10 05:49:16 EST 2014


We are proud to announce the latest revision of JBoss Transactions 4.17 
has now been uploaded to Nexus and is also available to download direct 
from our website:

The release notes for this version are available from:

As you will see, we only had one issue resolved in this particular release:
* JBTM-2287 JTS mode sends an erroneous xa_end to resource manager if 
prepare() returns RMFAIL

JBoss Transactions 4.17.x is in bug fix maintenance mode now. If you 
haven't moved over to our latest 5.x releases of Narayana (the renamed 
JBoss Transactions) yet we encourage you to give it a whirl and let us 
know what you think in our forums: http://narayana.io/community/

Thanks for your continued interest in JBoss Transactions!

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