[jbossts-users] Issue while starting JBoss Transaction Service

Anshuk Pal Chaudhuri anshuk_cts_mails at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 18 03:49:12 EDT 2008

I am new to JBoss Transaction Support. I have downloaded the binary and source version of jbossts-full-4.2GA. 
I have added the jbossts-full-4..2GA.jar,jbossjts-integration.jar and jbossjts-integration.jar in the classpath.
I have tried to start bim\start-recovery-manager.bat and it got started properly but when I tried to start the bin\start-transaction-service.bat file, its throwing a NoClassDefFound Error. (as shown below)
The JDK version that I am using is 1.4.2.
The class which the jboss transaction manager is not able to find, I am not really sure it is pachkaged in whcih jar, I could see the soruce of com.arjuna.orbportability.internal.orbspecific.javaidl.orb.implementations.javaidl_1_4 inside the \jbossts-full-4.2GA-src\ArjunaJTS\orbportability\classes but not really sure where it is packaged in the binary so that I can add the same in the classpath.
Environment variable JAVA_HOME set to "C:\j2sdk1.4.2_10"
Environment variable JBOSSTS_HOME set to "D:\jbossts-full-4.2GA"
Setting up environment
2008-08-18 12:42:35,864 [main] FATAL com.arjuna.orbportability.logging.loggerI18
N - [com.arjuna.orbportability.orb.core.ORB.caughtexception] ORB specific class
creation failed with: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.arjuna.orbportability.internal.orbspecific.javaidl.orb.implementations.javaidl_1_4
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: [com..arjuna.or
bportability.orb.core.ORB.caughtexception] ORB specific class creation failed wi
th: {0}
        at com.arjuna.orbportability.orb.core.ORB.initialise(ORB.java:191)
        at com..arjuna.orbportability.orb.core.ORB.<init>(ORB.java:62)
        at com.arjuna.orbportability.ORB.<init>(ORB.java:471)
        at com.arjuna.orbportability.ORB.getInstance(ORB.java:458)
        at com.arjuna.ats.jts.TransactionServer.main(TransactionServer.java:104)

Can somebody help me out in this regard.

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