[jbpm-dev] new blog post about processes and rules integration

Mauricio Salatino salaboy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 08:14:06 EDT 2012

Hi guys,
I've post a new article about the process and rules integrations.
I'm extremely open to discuss if this is the right way of exposing this
topics. I've found that when people doesn't understand this topics they end
up with very complicated architectural problems.
The main idea behind these posts is to clarify from the functional behavior
what kind of things can be done, in order to:
1) Gather feedback about new features that can be introduced to facilitate
the adoption of certain patterns
2) Classify in different patterns the functional requirements to then
explain which architecture fits better, or what kind of things the users
needs to be have in mind to define their own architecture.


After this post a set of patterns will be described and then a set of
architectural posts will go out. At this point feedback from the other
developers is crucial :)

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