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Tihomir Surdilovic tsurdilo at redhat.com
Mon Nov 12 11:54:16 EST 2012

Hi Gabor, finally found some time to work on this. Should be done in the 
next day or so and will post a video here first for review and comments 
before making it public (committing).

I'd like for you to send me some text about yourself that I can put on 
the blog when writing about this new feature - just anything you would 
want readers to know about you. If you could send me that this week I'd 
really appreciate it.

On 10/25/12 4:55 PM, Gábor Farkas wrote:
> Hi,
> So, I cleaned it up a bit and put some comments.
> I guess it's not nice to attach files on a public mailing list, so I 
> uploaded a package here:
> https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3W14YRqXKCZc0RVSjlPWklka2s
> If you unzip the folder somewhere, the editor.html can be loaded 
> statically from the file. I have this folder so that I can test some 
> changes faster, without actually starting the editor.
> To install it in the actual editor, you have to put the 
> localhistory.js on the web root (next to editor.html), and add this 
> fragment to the editor.html (right after  div class='processdata' for 
> example, in the body element)
>     <div id='lsDiv' title='LocalHistory for teh LuLz' 
> style='position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;z-index:10000; width: 20px; 
> height: 20px'>
>     </div>
>     <div id='lhContainerDiv' 
> style='position:fixed;top:32px;left:0px;z-index:10000;width:800px;height:512px;overflow:auto;visibility:hidden'>
>       <div id='gridDiv'/>
>       <span id='lhClearButton'/>
>     </div>
>     <script src="/designer/localhistory.js" type="text/javascript">
>     </script>
> This will put that transparent white box on the top left corner of the 
> editor frame. This 'solution' will be replaced by properly registering 
> localhistory as a plugin of course :)
> There are some TODO-s and questions in the localhistory.js .
> Feedback is welcome :) I'll go on cleaning this up so that this can 
> integrate nicely to the editor.
> cheers,
> Gabor
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 9:20 PM, Gábor Farkas 
> <gabor.farkas at doctusoft.com <mailto:gabor.farkas at doctusoft.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Thanks for the ping, yes, I'd still like to contribute, it's just
>     that the company had some other priorities these weeks, but i'll
>     find some time to clean things up a bit.
>     There are some questions still:
>       * /accessing/: I didn't yet scan the source to check how to put
>         an icon in the toolbar to display the local history panel. I
>         guess the best approach will be to make this localhistory
>         thing a plugin, so I can start by taking the servicerepo
>         plugin as an example. For the prototype, I modified the
>         editor.html and added a transparent div, and the panel shows
>         up by clicking on that.
>       * /when to create an entry/: currently I check the json source
>         of the model every 10 seconds, and if it's changed, I create
>         an entry. Maybe this should be extended by somehow grouping
>         these entries. For example, if the user keeps editing actively
>         for two minutes, I keep only one entry, updating that entry
>         every 10 seconds. But if the editing period is longer than two
>         minutes for example, I keep one entry for each two minutes
>         block. If the user edits for 30 seconds, then waits two
>         minutes, then edits again, two entries will be created again.
>         Something like this might be useful to keep the history
>         reasonably small, but still quite useful and real-time.
>       * /when entries expire/: entries don't yet expire, so the local
>         storage can get full after some time. You can delete all
>         entries at once. I think we should add the possibility to
>         delete entries individually, and to configure that after a
>         specific time, entries are autmatically deleted. Or maybe, for
>         entries older than one hour, we keep entries only in 5 minutes
>         granularity, after two hours, every 1 hours, and one entry for
>         each day older than 24 hours. Or maybe this is unnecessary for
>         our scope ...
>     What do you think the best way would be to share the prototype
>     with you? Well, maybe just emailing the files will be enough for now.
>     I'll try to clean up the source tonight and send you an initial
>     version, so that you can take a look and try.
>     Thanks
>     Gabor
>     On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 3:01 PM, Tihomir Surdilovic
>     <tsurdilo at redhat.com <mailto:tsurdilo at redhat.com>> wrote:
>         Hi Gabor, are you still wanting to contribute your work? Just
>         checking in case you are waiting on anything from me in order
>         to start.
>         Thanks.
>         On 10/3/12 11:32 AM, Tihomir Surdilovic wrote:
>>         Forwarding to jbpm-dev list as users list is not being monitored.
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>>         Subject: 	Re: [jbpm-users] local history for the jbpm web editor
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>>         <mailto:jbpm-users at lists.jboss.org>
>>         Hi Gabor - that looks impressive and useful for the
>>         community. I'd be happy to work with you to incorporate this
>>         functionality into the Designer codebase and promote you as
>>         community contributor for jBPM. Let's chat on IRC (#jbpm or
>>         #jbpmdev on irc.freenode.net <http://irc.freenode.net>).
>>         Tihomir
>>         On 10/3/12 10:42 AM, Gábor Farkas wrote:
>>>         Hello,
>>>         We've created a prototype for a local history functionality
>>>         for the jbpm-designer, we needed it for multiple reasons. It
>>>         stores data in the browser localStorage, so it also serves a
>>>         bit like 'undo after save'. It checks the json
>>>         representation of the process every minute and if it
>>>         differs, it creates a new local history entry, including a
>>>         thumbnailed screenshot. It's available after browser restart
>>>         too, so if you accidentally close the browser, you can still
>>>         restore your work.
>>>         Here's a small screenshot.
>>>         https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bxw7L2kmpno8RkJUY3Zjd0I4Mlk
>>>         Needs quite much elaboration, but it's already functional
>>>         and useful for our needs.
>>>         If you find it interesting, we'd be happy to share it with
>>>         the community.
>>>         regards,
>>>         Gabor Farkas
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