[jsr-314-open-mirror] [jsr-314-open] Composite component file extensions

Andy Schwartz andy.schwartz at oracle.com
Fri Oct 29 16:45:42 EDT 2010

BTW, opened the following spec issue:


Though since the spec is somewhat vague on this topic, perhaps the 
implementations can take advantage of this to provide more flexible 
solutions (eg. honor extensions in FACELETS_VIEW_MAPPINGS)?  It seems 
like with the introduction of the new .view.xml/XML-style Facelets 
processing support this is going to be fairly important to address.


On 10/29/10 4:21 PM, Andy Schwartz wrote:
> Gang -
> Both MyFaces and Mojarra currently assume/require the file extension 
> ".xhtml" for composite component resources.  This seems overly 
> restrictive.  Composite component authors should be able to use other 
> file extensions - eg. ".view.xml", or, as we would like to do here: 
> ".jsf".
> What do folks think about introducing spec language that requires the 
> JSF implementations to check for composite component resources under 
> any extensions specified via the "javax.faces.FACELETS_VIEW_MAPPINGS" 
> context parameter?
> Or, if we start looking into jar-specific configuration, it might be 
> interesting to allow such extensions to be specified on a per-resource 
> library basis.
> Thoughts?
> Andy

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