[keycloak-dev] Feedback on Oauth Clients

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Mon Oct 7 06:47:43 EDT 2013


Google/Facebook also supports something like caching of scopes, which 
were approved by user, so that OAuth grant page is displayed just for 
the first time.

For example: When user wants access token from Facebook for the first 
time, OAuth grant page is displayed for him with message like 
"Application XY wants access to your user_info, email". Once user 
confirms it, access token is granted and Facebook knows that this user 
already approved scopes "user_info" and "email". Once user want access 
token for the second time with same scopes, oauth grant page is not 
displayed anymore because Facebook knows that this user already 
confirmed "user_info" and "email" scopes. OAuth grant page is displayed 
just in case that user wants more scopes, which he didn't approve 
previously. And in this case OAuth grant page contains just scopes, 
which weren't approved by user. So for example: user send request for 
scopes "user_info,email,friends_list" but OAuth grant page will display 
just "friends_list" because scopes "user_info,email" were already 
approved previously.

All those cached scopes are destroyed in case that:
- User manually removes application from Facebook UI
- User revoke one of access tokens approved for this OAuth client 

Not sure if this feature is priority for M1 as it seems that it will 
require some changes in model and it may be too complex? However I think 
that API endpoint for revocation of access tokens will be good. Both 
facebook/google supports this. Also it seems that OAuth client should be 
able send only scopes, which he needs. Right now, I am seeing that 
ServletOAuthClient.redirect doesn't support this. Should I create JIRAs 
to track this?


On 3.10.2013 15:59, Bill Burke wrote:
> I need some feedback on how to handle OAuth Clients.  OAuth clients are
> like Applications in that Keycloak is used to log in, but OAuth clients
> are required to be forwarded through the OAuth Grant Page.  Users must
> directly grant permission to the OAuth client to access stuff.  OAuth
> clients will also not be hooked into Single Logout or the session
> management facilities I hope to incorporate into Keycloak.  OAuth
> clients will also not have roles associated with them.
> The way google does it is that they require you to login using your
> Google account, then you create applications within their cloud service
> app.  Applications get their own unique client-id and password and you
> then assign permissions to this application.
> I was thinking we should do something similar for Keycloak.
> For our first release, we'll have a specific Admin UI in which you can
> create OAuth clients in much the same way you create applications.
> For phase 2, I was thinking that the user account management would be
> expanded to have an option (if allowed by the realm) for creating and
> registering an OAuth client.  The user would then have a client-id
> generated for them and they would have to set up credentials for this
> client-id.

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