[keycloak-dev] Authz for admin console/endpoints (KEYCLOAK-292)

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Fri Feb 21 08:47:17 EST 2014

On 2/21/2014 4:04 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
>> Very cool!  let me know if you don't have time to work on it and I'll
>> head to that after I do refresh tokens.
> I thought you where adding the complete OpenID connect spec ;)

Hey! :)  Yes, I'm going to implement the required parts.  I really don't 
think we're that far off as we already use JWT, JWS, and are based on 
OAuth.  A lot of the fine details of the specification is OPTIONAL.

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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