[keycloak-dev] Considering removing Mongo support

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Fri Dec 2 05:28:04 EST 2016


We are considering removing Mongo support from Keycloak in 3.x. The reasons
behind it is that there are a fair few issues in the current
implementation, especially around consistency due to lack of transaction
support in Mongo and often we update multiple documents. In many cases we
rely on transactions to rollback to prevent partial updates, but this
obviously doesn't work in Mongo.

With the fact that Mongo is already partially broken and the constant
maintenance involved we're considering removing it and rather focus purely
on the relational database back-end.

Another point to make is that we are not considering supporting Mongo in
the supported version of Keycloak (Red Hat Single Sign-On). So we are never
able to provide the same level of care and attention to it as we can for
relational databases.

If we do decide to remove it we would make sure we provide a seamless and
easy option to migrate from Mongo to a relational database!

I would like to gather some feedback from the community before doing
anything. So please vote on the following Doodle:


Also, comments to this thread is more than welcome!

I'll end with a comment - Time spent by core developer on maintaining Mongo
could be better spent on awesome new features, testing and bug fixing!

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