[keycloak-dev] LDAP read-only was Re: Federation Storage: read-only groups

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Fri Dec 2 09:26:46 EST 2016

Providers are supposed to throw a ReadOnlyException in this scenario.  I 
don't know if the LDAP provider handles this well.  I was a bit confused 
on how it worked, it seems like if a mapper is read-only, it allows you 
to edit the change in the import. Basically unsynced mode.

In looking at your SSSD provider, you only throw ReadOnlyException for 
attributes loaded by SSSD.  For the rest, you allow the local import to 
be updated (unsynced).

On 12/2/16 4:22 AM, Bruno Oliveira wrote:
> Good morning,
> Today for SSSD Federation storage everything is read-only. This
> is pretty much because we don't have any way to synchronize the changes
> made at the admin console back to SSSD.
> QE identified this bug[1], that kind of affects LDAP federation provider
> in read-only mode too. Correct if I'm wrong, but in theory, if the federation
> provider is read-only, people should not be able to edit groups or
> roles.
> Do we anything in the new API to prevent people from changing roles and
> groups when the Federation provider is read-only?
> [1] - https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-3904
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