[keycloak-dev] Why aren't tomcat and jetty tests run!?

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Thu Dec 8 09:05:46 EST 2016

On 12/8/16 6:48 AM, Marek Posolda wrote:
> They are not included in the script running travis 
> https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak/blob/master/travis-run-tests.sh#L4
> It seems wee should add them here.
> From the long run, it will be better to remove them (as they rely on 
> the old testsuite) and rather have them running on the 
> integration-arquillian testsuite. I know it sucks during development 
> that Jetty itself doesn't run in same JVM like the test (debugging 
> etc). But I hope we can have the solution, which will allow to choose 
> whether Jetty (or hopefully some other servers) are running in same 
> JVM or different JVM.
Unless arquillian can support running these adapter tests within an IDE, 
they need to stay.  In general, More often than not, I don't like the 
arquillian style we've enforced because it takes a lot longer to write 
tests, is often nearly impossible to do everything through a REST 
interface, and is often really hard to debug.  Maybe its just the types 
of things I'm testing.  Some of the tests should not have been ported to 
arquillian, or, at least shouldn't have been ported to using a REST 
interface for the entire test.


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