[keycloak-dev] Keycloak 1.9.1: Theme: pass eventtype to eventlistener?

christian.polzer at kaufland.com christian.polzer at kaufland.com
Wed Apr 12 10:02:32 EDT 2017


I have implemented a custom EventListenerProvider to use with a custom
registration form template ("login/register.ftl").
Now I am having problems distinguishing incoming events from the login.ftl,
register.ftl and so on templates. as I understand it in my
EventListenerProvider the entry point is the implemented onEvent(Event

Unfortunatelly the events that get passed through from the template to the
keycloak backend into my EventListenerProvider seem to be missing event
type information:
Incoming Event is:{
"clientId": "internet-master-client",
"details": {
   "auth_method": "openid-connect",
   "auth_type": "code",
   "code_id": "5ba2de19-e7f4-4274-9054-d71343c21c96",
   "email": "test at test.com",
   "redirect_uri": "https://www.test.com/",
   "username": "test at test.com"
"ipAddress": "...",
"realmId": "users",
"time": 1492001884000,
"type": {"saveByDefault": true}, // type is not set?
"userId": "b...."


This makes it impossible for me to distinguish between EventTypes and send
Mail accordingly.

What am I missing (apart from beeing new to keycloak development)?


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