[keycloak-dev] Searching for a class named org.keycloak.services.filters.ClientConnectionFilter

Burghard Britzke bubi at charmides.in-berlin.de
Sun Aug 6 02:30:50 EDT 2017

I posted it already on the [keycloak-user] mailing list without a reply.
I want to run the keycloak server on a tomcat 8/9 instance. For that, I found an article https://reachmnadeem.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/deploying-keycloak-in-tomcat/ <https://reachmnadeem.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/deploying-keycloak-in-tomcat/> which describes, how to deploy keycloak on tomcat. Unfortunately it describes the version 1.1.0-Beta2, which is very old. It his web.xml a filter is with the name org.keycloak.services.filters.ClientConnectionFilter referenced. When starting the context on tomcat8/9, a ClassNotFoundException is thrown.
I have been unable to resolve the dependency in 1.1.0-Beta2 and 3.2.0-Final, too.

The name of the class intends that it is from the keycloak project. Can anybody post me a hint, where to find this class? I also asked the author of the above article, but until now he did not answer.

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> in order to run a keycloak-server on tomcat, I am searching for a class named org.keycloak.services.filters.ClientConnectionFilter. Could anybody send me a hint where to find it? Could anybody share a link to a documentation of this filter?
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