[keycloak-dev] Extending Keycloak with custom integrations

Rudresh Shashikant rudreshsj at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 05:30:06 EDT 2017

Hi All,

first time posting in the mailing list. I have a client that needs the
+ social integration for login
+ after successful login, need to be able to extend keycloak to talk to a
backend API and get additional information about this user
+ also need to use that additional information for an extra step involving
OTP (via SMS)
+ end result of this additional workflow is to associate the social login
of the user with their internal Enterprise userId

                    | Assumption: Social login complete|

 User                 Keycloak             Backend API                  SMS OTP


          user code

                                 user mobile#


                 | if successful, link |
                 | user code to        |
                 | social login        |

I will proceed to go through the codebase and documentation now but have
started by reaching out to the community first in case anyone can point me
in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance.


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