[keycloak-dev] Big changes coming to docs

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Wed Aug 23 02:27:10 EDT 2017

As part of unifying Keycloak and RH-SSO documentation we are moving away
from Gitbook soon and will use pure AsciiDoctor to build the Keycloak

This will be done after Keycloak 3.3 is released and there will be a period
of 1-2 weeks where I don't want anyone to make any changes to the
documentation while this work is in progress.

So get your docs changes in before 3.3. If they're not there in time hold
off until I give the OK.

If you make edits to the docs in your own fork you will not easily be able
to merge it to the repository after these changes and you will most likely
have to re-edit the docs.

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