[keycloak-dev] ProviderFactory::postDeploy?

Dmitry mitya at cargosoft.ru
Mon Jul 3 12:16:43 EDT 2017


At the moment, the ProviderFactory::postInit() method is not called
during hot (re)deployment of providers, only during server startup.
This is considered a bug (see discussion in keycloak-user, KEYCLOAK-
5131 and PR #4282).

Meanwhile, Marek and I have been discussing the problem of accessing
data model from postInit (see the keycloak-user post). Turns out that
the semantics should be significantly different depending on whether
postInit() is called during server startup or hot deploy. In the first
case, one should listen for PostMigrationEvent. In the second case, the
event is not available and thus shouldn't be listened for. However, the
provider should be able to somehow distinguish the cases. There are
some hacks like analyzing current thread name, querying JNDI or
Resteasy, but maybe we can come up with something more clean and

Marek has suggested that the new method should be introduced on the
ProviderFactory interface, with empty default implementation (in order
not to break the code). What do you think?


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