[keycloak-dev] Test suite keycloak server port configuration

Wim Vandenhaute wim.vandenhaute at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 07:54:41 EDT 2017

Hey list,

For a customer of mine, I submitted a few PR's and now have to dig into a
changed behavior on one of the keycloak integration tests.

Sadly enough, on the dev machine I am working on @ my customer's site, the
port 8081 is in use by a McAfee service program which I cannot kill.

Hence my question, would it be acceptable if I made a PR with an effort to
make 8081 ( and I think 8082 also ) configurable via e.g. a maven property
so I can override this when running the tests from that dev machine?
Is an effort planned for this?

Just so I do not waste too much time on this one :)

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