[keycloak-dev] Switching to auth-server-wildfly on Travis

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Thu Jul 13 07:59:35 EDT 2017

We've tried using auth-server-wildfly on Travis in the past, but the
problem has been there's been to much logs generated (Travis kills the job
after the log file reaches 4mb). Currently it uses the embedded Undertow
which drops all org.keycloak logs which is not good either.

I came up with a simple solution which is a small Java app that the output
is piped into. For each test that is running it buffers the logs. If the
test passes the logs generated during the test are dropped, but if there is
a failure it will output the logs. Log output is also prefixed with the
name of the tests so it's easy to see what output is related to the test.

PR is here:

Log output when there's no failures can be seen here:

And when there is failures here:

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