[keycloak-dev] Community extensions and examples

Dmitry Telegin mitya at cargosoft.ru
Wed Jun 28 17:31:28 EDT 2017


Though I'm not a Keycloak dev, I hope the community member's 2¢ will be
useful nevertheless.

To me that sounds like a great initiative, I myself will be happy to
contribute BeerCloak, an example of how to build complete admin realm
resources while the corresponding SPI is not (yet) implemented.

Off the top of my head, I think we'll need some sort of separation
between examples and extensions because of their (generally) different
use cases. For examples, it's "check it out and hack on it"; for
extensions, "install & use it" (preferably skipping the "checkout" and
"build" phases).

Ideally, there should be something like Atlassian Marketplace, a
registry/repository of extensions (including commercial ones) with one-
click installation. I clearly understand that wouldn't be a top
priority - just sharing my vision.

BTW, speaking about commercial extensions, can we hope on our products
being mentioned somewhere too? I think such a disclosure can make
Keycloak/RHSSO look more valuable in the eyes of potential users and
customers. Our flagship product provides Keycloak support for hardware
OTP tokens with full lifecycle, like bulk import, enrollment,
revocation, audit etc.

The other stuff being developed is:
* HRM integration (sync Keycloak with employee database from HRMs);
* advanced monitoring (collect different Keycloak-specific metrics and
expose them as DMR/JMX);
* OpenID 2.0 (legacy) support;
* identity brokering for VK social network (this and the previous one
most likely will be opensourced).

There are even thoughts on integrating PKI functionality into Keycloak,
which becomes highly topical with the introduction of x509 client cert
auth (thanks Peter!)

Dmitry Telegin
CTO, CargoSoft LLC

В Wed, 28/06/2017 в 08:34 +0200, Stian Thorgersen пишет:
> At times there are extensions and examples that we don't want to
> include in
> the main repository. This could be for several reasons, including:
> * We don't have the resources to maintain and support it
> * We don't believe it's generic enough
> * Examples that are to complex
> However, these can still be useful for some people. So I'm thinking
> about
> how we can provide community maintained extensions and examples.
> A very simple idea would be to add a page on our website that links
> to the
> relevant repository and documentation. To contribute you would setup
> your
> own Github repository, documentation and also a download if you want.
> Then
> you'd send a PR to the website to add your extension or example.
> Thoughts?
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