[keycloak-dev] Merging node_modules into Keycloak repo

Stan Silvert ssilvert at redhat.com
Wed May 10 13:03:39 EDT 2017

The very thought of $subject seems like heresy.  Why check in something 
that is normally pulled using npm?

We have Angular 2 examples in Keycloak now.  In the not-too-distant 
future, our Account Management console will be written in Angular 2.  So 
node_modules has to be there somehow.

There are basically two options:
1)  Merge node_modules into the Keycloak repo.
2)  Don't merge and then run npm install at build time.

Productization standards push toward option #1.  We need to have 
consistent, repeatable builds.

But I'm looking for reasons that #1 might be bad.  I can't come up with 
a rational reason to do #2 except that it saves disk space.

Any thoughts?

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