[keycloak-dev] Branches for the quickstarts

Stan Silvert ssilvert at redhat.com
Thu May 18 14:59:10 EDT 2017

What we really need for the quickstarts is something Bill has been 
talking about for a long time.

It's a bundle of Keycloak and examples that just boots up and works.  
Otherwise, the quickstarts are way too hard to get running.  Nobody 
wants to spend 2 or 3 hours on a "quickstart". That's what I had to do 
recently and I already know what's going on.  I hate to think about what 
someone new to Keycloak needs to go through just to see an example.

This doesn't have to mean that everything runs in the same WildFly 
instance like the old demo dist.  The problem with that was that it 
didn't show Keycloak set up as a stand-alone server.

What you need is a single bundle that lets you run Keycloak standalone 
and a standalone app server.  I see a couple of ways to do it:
1) Use domain mode where you get a domain controller, Keycloak instance, 
and app server instance all in the same JVM.
2) Use two separate server configs and run in two JVM's.

I think #2 is the best.  The Keycloak instance runs on port 8180 and the 
app server runs on 8080.  You only need one download of 
WildFly/Keycloak, but you package it with two configs.  So you have:
/domain (don't actually need this one)

To run Keycloak (preloaded with quickstart realm):
 > standalone --server-config=keycloak 

To run app server (preloaded with quickstart apps):
 > standalone

On 5/18/2017 1:59 PM, Bruno Oliveira wrote:
> Hmmm I'm not sure about that. That would be the completely opposite of what
> we already do to any repository today. If people want the stable release of
> the quickstarts they could just get 3.x or download the zip files, nope?
> On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 2:15 PM Sebastien Blanc <sblanc at redhat.com> wrote:
>> We should also consider the opposite : master is the stable released
>> version and a branch for development . I already had confused people
>> downloading KC server and cloning the QuickStarts and expecting it to work.
>> But tbh I do not have a string opinion on that.
>> Le jeu. 18 mai 2017 à 18:57, Bruno Oliveira <bruno at abstractj.org> a
>> écrit :
>>> While working today on the fix of some quickstarts. I'm
>>> considering to create a separated branch only for stable versions of the
>>> quickstarts.
>>> In this way 'master' would be used only for development based on the
>>> latest bits from Keycloak repo. And 3.1.x, to the latest stable
>>> release on Maven central.
>>> Does it make any sense?
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