[keycloak-dev] Change the binding name in ScriptBasedAuthenticator?

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Thu May 25 12:49:33 EDT 2017

Cool, thanks for the confirm. I've created JIRA 
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/KEYCLOAK-4975 . Do you want to 
contribute it or should I look into it?


On 25/05/17 18:35, Thomas Darimont wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't had time to look into this yet.
> If the authenticationSession is a replacement for Client Session then
> I think Option 2 ist fine, as the name alignes with the actual binding.
> Cheers,
> Thomas
> Am 25.05.2017 6:24 nachm. schrieb "Marek Posolda" <mposolda at redhat.com 
> <mailto:mposolda at redhat.com>>:
>     Hi Thomas and all,
>     In 3.2 we did some refactoring and authenticators are now using
>     authenticationSession instead of ClientSession. I see if we should
>     do something for the ScriptBasedAuthenticator as it;s still using
>     "clientSession" as binding where it puts authentication session. I
>     can see the possibilities:
>     1) Keep the binding name "clientSession" for backwards compatibility
>     2) Change the binding name. Probably to "authenticationSession" ?
>     It would need to be documented in the migration guide.
>     My vote is to rather go with 2 as people will likely need to
>     refactor their scripts anyway. Some method signatures are same for
>     authentication session like was for client session, but not all.
>     WDYT? Other idea?
>     Marek

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