[keycloak-dev] The browser property and the org.keycloak.testsuite.console.* UI tests

Alex Szczuczko aszczucz at redhat.com
Tue May 30 11:37:15 EDT 2017


I just lost a couple days to a really simple mistake when running the UI tests. I didn't set -Dbrowser=firefox, so the headless WebDriver was used, which produces a lot of impossible errors that I couldn't figure out at all. To save the next person the same agony, I think there are two possible solutions:

1. Define a default browser=firefox property in testsuite/integration-arquillian/tests/other/console/pom.xml

2. Use a plugin to fail the build if the user has not defined the browser property on the command line.

Note that you need to enable a profile to run these tests (-Pconsole-ui-tests), so this doesn't impact the project's normal mvn clean install.

Opinions on either of these options?


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