[keycloak-dev] Fuse quickstarts

Stan Silvert ssilvert at redhat.com
Wed May 31 11:42:53 EDT 2017

I believe that the goal of the quickstart should be to let the developer 
get something working as fast as possible.  (Hence the name "quickstart")

After that, he can look it over, see how it works, and experiment with 

Anything that delays the joy of a working example increases the 
likelihood that the developer will abandon the effort.

On 5/31/2017 6:35 AM, Bruno Oliveira wrote:
> For Fuse quickstarts, we have a some configuration steps to setup the
> server like:
> 1. Set the Keycloak version
> 2. Add Maven local repository
> config:edit org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn
> config:propset org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.localRepository
> file:///$HOME/.m2/repository
> config:update
> 3. Install quickstarts artifacts
> 4. Install features
> features:addurl
> mvn:org.keycloak/keycloak-osgi-features/$KEYCLOAK_VERSION/xml/features
> features:addurl
> mvn:org.keycloak.quickstarts/keycloak-fuse-features/$KEYCLOAK_VERSION/xml/features
> features:install keycloak-fuse-quickstarts
> I was wondering if we could have a profile to make this process more
> simple. Something like mvn clean install -Pfuse-server and you're good to
> go. Do we want this? Or follow all these steps would be the goal as part of
> the learning process?
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