[keycloak-dev] Better supported methods for active/active relational db clusters?

Alec Lazarescu alecl at alecl.com
Wed May 2 13:54:35 EDT 2018

I was hoping to start a conversation on what's the best path forward to get
maintainable support for active/active db's that have schema restrictions
that are not upheld historically by Keycloak's schema and Liquibase based

How best can we make often minor schema adjustments in a maintainable
fashion going forward? Perhaps a method to choose on install/upgrade
between fully backwards compatible migrations vs the migration style that
supports active/active?

The Keycloak docs mention Oracle RAC and MySQL Galera for example
and I saw a PR for Postgres-BDR that was rejected due to understandable
migration concerns for existing installs:


For Reference:

MariaDB Galera limitations

Postres-BDR limitations



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