[keycloak-dev] Keycloak Feature development: Integrate ext. IdP to keycloak (like Google, facebook)

Ansari, Hasebullah hasebullah.ansari at syntlogo.de
Thu May 31 21:57:28 EDT 2018

Hello all,

                My name is Haseb Ansari and by profession I’m an IT Specialist / Java Developer working for a German based company called Syntlogo GmbH. For the last one a half years I’ve been playing with Keycloak right from version 1.9.8.Final to 4.0.0.Beta1. For one of our (company’s) usecase, I’ve already integrated an external IdP(IdP really famous in Germany but not globally) through Keycloak SPI. With my experience so far, I’d now like to make a small contribution to Keycloak, an integration of an external identity provider i.e. ‘Login with Amazon’. Before proceeding further, I’d like to have suggestion from you guys whether I’ll have to consider some points like ‘do we need permission from Amazon?’ or any other data protection stuff?

Let me know about any detailed points I’ll have to consider while implementing


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Hasebullah A Ansari
Master of Engineering in IT, Heidelberg

IT Specialist / Java Entwickler
Syntlogo GmbH
Mercedesstraße 1
D-71063 Sindelfingen

Email:      hasebullah.ansari at syntlogo.de<mailto:hasebullah.ansari at syntlogo.de>
Mobile:   +49 151 168 39585
Website: www.syntlogo.de<http://www.syntlogo.de/>

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