[keycloak-user] Sub-resource authentication (edge case)

Eric Wittmann eric.wittmann at redhat.com
Fri Dec 12 13:18:51 EST 2014

Well, my understanding is that when configuring via the subsystem in 
wildfly, BASIC was the way to go.  That said, I don't have a particular 

But is that detail perhaps beside the point?

The /api/* endpoint works exactly as you have described.  In 
standalone.xml I've configured it to enable both bearer token and basic 
auth.  So requests can be sent to /api/* with the Authorization header 
set (bearer token and basic auth credentials both work fine).

The problem comes when sending a request to /gateway/*, which is just a 
servlet.  I can successfully send a request to /gateway/* without an 
Authorization header.  This works (unauthenticated access).  However if 
I send a request to /gateway/* with an Authorization header, then 
keycloak attempts to authenticate.  Even though the web.xml doesn't 
indicate that /gateway/* should be protected.

I was expecting any *unprotected* resources to simply pass through any 
Authorization information, not attempt to actually process it.

Again, this is perhaps an incorrect expectation on my part.


On 12/12/2014 11:33 AM, Marek Posolda wrote:
> Hi,
> if you want to use keycloak for authentication you should rather use:
> <auth-method>KEYCLOAK</auth-method>
> Also I don't know how are you sending request to "/api/*" . I guess it
> is javascript application or some other servlet application, which is
> sending jax-rs requests to api? In this cases, you should add manually
> "Authorization" header with either "Authorization: Bearer ..." with
> bearer token attached or "Authorization: Basic ...." with keycloak
> username/password attached (bearer token is much better, so you can
> avoid direct grant and you don't need to share credentials with your
> application)
> Marek
> On 12.12.2014 14:06, Eric Wittmann wrote:
>> In apiman I have a bit of an edge case that currently isn't working as I
>> was hoping (running in wildfly 8.2 - not tested on any other platform).
>> The issue is that I have a WAR with two sub-contexts:
>> /api - JAX-RS endpoints to configure the API Gateway
>> /gateway - the API Gateway (reverse proxy)
>> I wanted /api to be protected by keycloak, but for /gateway to be
>> unprotected.
>> My web.xml looks like this:
>>     <security-constraint>
>>       <web-resource-collection>
>>         <web-resource-name>apiman-gateway</web-resource-name>
>>         <url-pattern>/api/*</url-pattern>
>>       </web-resource-collection>
>>       <auth-constraint>
>>         <role-name>apiadmin</role-name>
>>       </auth-constraint>
>>     </security-constraint>
>>     <login-config>
>>       <auth-method>BASIC</auth-method>
>>       <realm-name>apiman</realm-name>
>>     </login-config>
>>     <security-role>
>>       <role-name>apiadmin</role-name>
>>     </security-role>
>> It all works great until I send a request to /gateway/* that includes an
>> "Authorization" http header.  If I do that, the adapter tries to
>> authenticate with those credentials and fails with a 401 if they don't
>> match (which they don't).
>> I realize this is an odd case, but I did expect that if the web.xml
>> specified that only /api/* were protected then other paths would simply
>> pass through any Authorization headers.  That may be an incorrect
>> expectation - not sure what the servlet spec requires in this case.
>> Thoughts?
>> Currently I'm probably going to work around this by splitting up the API
>> and Gateway servlets into separate WARs.
>> -Eric
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