[keycloak-user] Spring Keycloak Security integration? (I can't go back)

Dean Peterson peterson.dean at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 11:33:24 EDT 2014

I am currently using Keycloak for a proof of concept at my job working on
the unemployment insurance application for the State of MN.  I love it, it
is great.  There I am using Wildfly and everything is easy.  However, every
second of my free time is spent writing www.metroseattlegamers.com (soon to
be abecorn.com).  I have been working on that a long time.  It is three
separate Spring applications tied together with REST and spring security
for single sign on.  The main site is an oauth2 authorization provider; I
use a combination of spring social, spring oauth/oauth 2 to let users share
credentials between the apps of the site.  I spend a lot of time just
keeping it all straight.  I very much want to use Keycloak for my own
Spring project too.  Any suggestions how I might get that to work?  Do you
have plans to make Keycloak compatible with Spring applications running on
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