[keycloak-user] Best practices for building appliances

Bob McWhirter bmcwhirt at redhat.com
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As a user, I enjoyed the -appliance download, but also wonder why it needs to be based upon Wildfly, instead of maybe a smaller -appliance download based upon just Undertow?


On Feb 2, 2015, at 9:42 AM, Stian Thorgersen <stian at redhat.com> wrote:

> This is something that we need to figure out and find a proper solution for. It should be very easy for any JBoss project/product to both embed Keycloak and to use a centralized Keycloak for SSO. 
> There are quite a few issues that needs resolving to achieve this properly:
> * Do we support embedding Keycloak in other containers than WildFly/EAP?
> * Do we provide a slimmed down version of Keycloak for embedding? An embedded Keycloak should be for securing the projects console in a simple deployment, not for a SSO solution.
> * How do we handle bootstrapping? Applications needs to configure themselves, including realm keys and application secrets. What happens if realm keys, application urls, etc change.
> * How do we provide a simple mechanism to link to a centralized Keycloak server
> * How do we make sure multiple projects can share the same Keycloak realm? Roles for example is a problem here if multiple projects use realm level roles (Keycloak itself does!)
> * How to enable SSL for a project? Keycloak is not secure without SSL! That's one of the downsides to bearer auth.
> Those issues (and probably a whole bunch more) should all be solved consistently for all JBoss projects.
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>> All,
>> In our project, we plan to have a distribution where we ship our
>> application with a Wildfly bundled, a la Keycloak Appliance.
>> My main concern is shipping our distribution with a default pair of
>> realm keys or with a pre-filled database. I know it's possible to
>> import a realm on the first boot and KC will generate the required
>> keys if they are missing from the imported JSON template, but as we
>> are shipping our own WAR, we would need to get the public key into our
>> application's keycloak.json (or subsystem) before it gets deployed.
>> I wonder if this is a common situation and what would be the best
>> practices for such case. I think Stian mentioned before that a future
>> version of KC would allow auto registration of applications, but until
>> that is available, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences about it.
>> Another situation is for a contributor of the project or for users who
>> would want to build from the source: what would be the best practice
>> for generating new keys at each build? If there's no easy solution for
>> that now, I'd be interested in building a "keycloak-cli" utility that
>> would generate realm and application JSON files, possibly with a Maven
>> plugin wrapper to make it easier to consume from maven projects. Would
>> something like that be interesting for the project?
>> Best,
>> Juca.
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