[keycloak-user] Upgrading is a giant pain

Stian Thorgersen stian at redhat.com
Mon Jul 13 05:56:47 EDT 2015

Upgrading from Beta to Final is expected to work. So if you have a problem with that create a jira and we'll fix it.

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> I no longer pull down masters because the releases have been working for me.
> The documentation says I should be able to upgrade from beta versions to
> newer releases. This latest problem happened even when I was trying to go
> from 1.2.0.Beta3 to 1.2.0.Final. Since that did not work, I waited a while
> hoping a later version would improve the situation. People often do what
> they are not supposed to. Expecting people to only upgrade from Final
> release to Final release seems like wishful thinking and may lead to unhappy
> customers, even if they are wrong.
> On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Dean Peterson < peterson.dean at gmail.com >
> wrote:
> I wish Keycloak had a one button click mechanism for upgrading the
> application. I use Discourse ( http://www.discourse.org/ ) for messaging in
> my application. I run Keycloak inside a Docker container just like
> Discourse. Discourse gives me an admin landing page that tells me every time
> I log in if I am up to date. If I am not, a little sad face tells me I need
> to upgrade. All I have to do to upgrade is click a button and everything
> happens automatically. The data is migrated, the docker container is updated
> and the application is redeployed. It never fails and takes 5 minutes. Every
> time I need to upgrade Keycloak it is a month long ordeal. The database
> migration never works. I always have to export the data as json, then upload
> the file after I manage to get a fresh install of the latest version up and
> running. I understand Keycloak has a lot of parts and I really like it, but
> I wish the upgrade process would get some attention. It is a very painful
> process at the moment.
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