[keycloak-user] Identity Provider Saml HTTP-Redirect binding

Henk Laracker Henk.Laracker at planonsoftware.com
Fri Sep 4 02:50:44 EDT 2015


Keycloak is delegating the login to a external IDP. It is a hardcoded
string but If it could be a little bit more flexible that would be great.
If we could add custom key=value pairs to the url. Which are defined per
SAML definition.


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>You need to add this?  Is it a hardcoded string?  Is Keycloak the IDP?
>Or is Keycloak delegating login to an external IDP?
>We don't support this currently.  But it may be something I can quickly
>add for the next release.
>On 9/1/2015 1:20 PM, Henk Laracker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We use keycloak with a SAML Identity provider, we have to use
>> http-redirect binding.
>> The customer expect a SAML request something like
>> But keycloak generates a response like
>> How do I achieve this in keycloak
>> Henk
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