[keycloak-user] token_type "bearer" vs "Bearer"

Iván Perdomo ivan at akvo.org
Wed Sep 16 12:21:53 EDT 2015


We're trying to integrate a Python/Django application using the
following module https://github.com/marcanpilami/django-oidc and
Keycloak 1.4.0.Final

After a successful user login the process fails because a simple check
in python:

    if token.token_type == "Bearer" and method == "GET":

Right now Keycloak is returning `token_type` as "bearer" and not "Bearer"

Reading the OpenID Connect spec in the section " Successful
Token Response"

> The OAuth 2.0 token_type response parameter value MUST be Bearer, as >
specified in OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Usage [RFC6750], unless another
> Token Type has been negotiated with the Client.

I checked and the code sets token_type manually,


Can this be considered a bug?



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