[keycloak-user] Wrapping Keycloak under Nginx - redirect_uri problems

Kevin Thorpe kevin.thorpe at p-i.net
Fri Sep 18 06:42:52 EDT 2015

Hi, I'm trying to wrap Keycloak behind Nginx for a client and I can't work
out how to
avoid the invalid parameter: redirect_uri problem.

Website is https://my-client.pibenchmark.com

In nginx:
location /auth {
    proxy_pass https://auth-service;

upstream auth-service {
    server my-keycloak:8443;

Then in Keycloak I have valid redirect URIs set to https://*.
pibenchmark.com/* ie my whole domain. Still getting invalid parameter:
redirect_uri though.

What am I doing wrong? Can I do this this way? I like to have one point of
contact with the internet for security reasons.

*Kevin Thorpe*
CTO, PI Limited
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